Where's a good place to buy video cameras?

Is there a street where they sell video cameras? I’m looking at getting a HD camera, Canon or panasonic maybe second hand if possible, documentary or close standard.
Thanks in advance!!

Bo Ai Road, near the Taipei Main Station / North Gate (Beimen). Also check along the streets crossing with Bo Ai, Han Kou and Kai Feng.

Bo Ai Road is probably cheaper in Taipei, but I’d check out Carrefour and the like as well. Sometimes the supermarkets are cheaper. Also be careful of “shuihuo”, or “grey-market” goods. These may be cheaper, but you have no warranty if there is a problem.

It may be cheaper to have it sent over from the States, even including the FedEx charge and customs duty. It was for my stills photography gear. (Adorama, BH Photo Video etc)