Where's Chili Chili in Taoyuan? (a Mexican restaurant)

Does anyone in Taoyuan know where Chili Chili is? I heard it’s in Nan Kan, but don’t know where it is in Nan Kan. :frowning: I miss Mexican food! :lick: :hungry:

Yep… it is in NanKan. Haven’t been there for some time though, so I can’t tell you if it’s still open (you know how it goes in Taiwan!)
It has moved since the last time I was there, though only a few doors down the road, to the second floor.

The fare was OK, nothing to get too excited about. They do sell a great range of imported Mexican things though: Jalepeno’s, Refried Beans, etc.

I’ll try to scam one of Truant’s (scammed) maps so I can show you the address. I’m bad at giving directions otherwise.