Where's my entertainment?

So the law says that my company has to arrange recreational activities for me on off-duty time and holidays. What does this mean exactly? Now i know why I’ve been hanging around randomly and causing social problems!

Recreational Activities for Foreign Workers

I. Arrangements by employers:
Due to difference in language, religious belief, culture and life styles, as well as feeling homesick and having difficulties in adapting to unfamiliar surroundings, the employers shall arrange recreational activities on off-duty time and holidays to relieve the nostalgia of foreign workers. As a result, foreign workers will not indulge in illegal activities or hang around randomly and cause social problems.

The symptoms of nostalgia

Didn’t you enjoy our “Taiwan-Pop Karaoke Series”, the “50 Workers Frightening Off Animals while Hiking Together Up a Steep Slope Fitted with Slippery Stone Steps” activity, or the ever popular “Shrimp Fishing Extravaganza”? Boy, you foreign workers are so ungrateful. :unamused:

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