Where's my homepage?

Not sure if this is where I should be posting this topic so if it should be moved, please do so.

I’m hoping someone can tell me why my Yahoo! hompage won’t come up when I go online. For the past couple of days, everytime I go online I end up with Gigabyte Search as a homepage. When I head back to Yahoo! and click make Yahoo! my homepage it will pop up once and then when I try it again it’s back to Gigabyte Search. I have never even heard of Gigabyte Search till it started popping up as my homepage. I don’t know much about computers, so if anyone knows how I can remedy this I would kindly appreciate any advice!

instead of clicking the yahoo link to make it your home page, in your browser menu bar, go to tools>internet options and click ‘use current’ (this is assuming you are using IE)

if that doesn’t work, then maybe you have got some adware or spyware that is nicely changing it for you.

Yep, sounds like you have adware hijacking your browser.

Search for, download and run adaware, spybot, and (if you don’t have a good antivirus program) avg.


Go to lavasoftusa.com and get Adawar Personal Edition. Great software and will clean up your computer from any Spyware there is.

Once you’re done getting rid of the spyware, switch to Firefox.

You are absolutely right, Firefox is the way to surf the web more secure. Although it does not mean that you won’t catch other spyware somehow. You always need to be carefull what you install. After installing new software downloaded from the web, I always run Adaware.

Thank you all for the advice! I was able to get rid of the spyware or adware and my computer is back to normal. Before this incident I had no idea what they were. Thank you all again!