Where's Peter Schwartz?

It’s been hours, nay, days since he started a new topic. I’m starting to worry. Do you think we should inform the authorities?

He’s used us, abused us, sucked us dry of every last snippet of information and left us, naked and bruised, on the hard shoulder of the information superhighway without even a cab fare home.

Or maybe he just hasn’t been online for a day or two.

He’s tied up and gagged in my basement. And it’s gonna cost you BIG to ever see him alive again.

He and Geng are both rotting in the 17th level of cyber hell, put there for all eternity for over-zealous posting.

Welcome to the Peter Schwartz Wizard for Windows!
Make posting new topics and adding comments to existing ones as easy as slipping on a banana peel.
Just think of a

I’ve just gotten word that Pete tried to kiss his female boss on the chest, and was hours later mysteriously struck down outside his buxiban, possibly by someone connected to the woman earlier spoken of. It obviously pays to listen to the advice in some of these threads.

Frightening thought…he might not be able to log on cos he’s not flying business class…

Hey, I’ve got my own fan club now. No, I wasn’t drugged, gagged, or put in anyone’s basement. I was just selected to star in my own reality tv show, and I was busy at the set. You’ll see me as I really am in life on CBS at 9 PM every Thursday.


I’d love to see you, Peter, but we don’t get CBS over here.

Okay, I’ll try to pressure the studio into either airing it with Chinese subtitles or dubbing it in Mandarin on one of the Taiwanese channels