Where's The Beef? Right here baby...All New Forumosa Steak Club



Last month, GooseEgg and I took advantage of a care package coming from an Alberta ranch. What turned out to be a fairly low investment of less than 5000NT each, got us a big bag of incredible frozen steaks. These pics aren’t of our order, but of one slightly larger than ours.

I now have the wherewithal, well 95% of the way there, to share this amazing deal with other expats. So, I’d love to see if any of you would be interested in joining a Club for Beef. Just fill out this form, but don’t send any money yet. I am still putting some final details together vis-a-vis prices and delivery times.


I love ribeyes with bones. I see NY strip, filets, and some others that I’m not sure about. I guess I’d have to know more before I’d join. Importing meat is not easy here - especially bones. I see a mix of steaks. I also would want to know what grade and if there any additives/tenderizers.


Prime and AAA grades and as far as I can tell, no additives. Really mouth-watering slabs o cow. I will look into bone in meats for you, but this first order will only be prime rib and ribeye (no bones).


Does it have to be a monthly commitment?

Or can it be a one time order (5kNTD) once or twice a year?


Absolutely a come and go as you please policy.


@Toe_Save invited me into the last round and I am grateful. This is some seriously good beef.

My wife usually buys our steaks and she gets them from a Wellcome or Jason’s. But these slabs from the Great White North were something else. At least twice as thick, they were hefty cuts of meat. I was so excited when we unsealed and cooked the first one.

We do a simple salt rub on each side and then we pan-fried it on high heat with only a little oil. Two minutes a side, and 3 flips got me a juicy medium-rare steak. I’m getting hungry now as I think of it (and I just ate lunch!)

It took longer than expected for the order to come in. I wasn’t complaining - this is a pretty informal process. Maybe forming this “Steak Club” will help :slight_smile: I was most interested in getting really nice meat. We are happy!

(Below isn’t quite how we make our steaks on the stove, but it’s pretty close)


Hello, is this club still a thing?


Unfortunately not.