Where's the best Malaysian or Singapore food?


Haven’t tried this

台灣土司工坊 Toast Box, Xinyi District, Taipei


Toast box is gross. They have them here, it’s awful.


It’s a Singapore chain, a hangout to get kaya toast and a drink and chill out.

In the Taipei area, the different branches vary in quality. My preferred one due to the quality of the iced coffee (stocking method—and really strong!) is in the Food Republic food court, on the same level as Dintaifeng, in the basement of Mega City Mall adjacent to Banqiao Station.

Don’t go there expecting too much from the food—but it’s worth checking out for the drinks. I am also partial to their banana cake… : P


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Teh Tarik Culture, new place serves chicken rice and others.


I like the Toast Box lite breakfast kaya toast, soft boiled egg and coffee for NT$100. But I can’t seem to find the “onitmant”.

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Red at Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Xinyi Place A11 food court. Not bad, not great, recognizable. Get the lychee drink with whole lychees inside for dessert after drink. I’ll be back.

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Another one for the try list. Any place with the word “famous” in name must be good :joy:

“Since 1966” somewhere.

Kampung Famous Hainanese Chicken
No. 26弄1號, Lane 140, Section 1, Zhongshan North Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei


Hainan chicken…one of the most boring dishes ever invented.


No shit, man.
Talk about a non-recipe.
I was at the supermarket and in the pre-made sauce section they had Hainan chicken “sauce”.
I told my kid I reckoned they were empty pouches of air.


It’s subtle. It’s a subtle dish.

I add ketchup.


It’s nothing without a mix of good chili and minced ginger and thick sweet soyu sauce and very thinly sliced cucumber.


This sauce tastes even better when placed on actual food.

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Actually that’s pretty good on plain boiled chicken, too…oh wait.


One for the list haven’t tried.

面對面 Face to Face Noodle House
No. 310號, Jinzhou Street, Zhongshan District, Taipei


They should really call it 麺對麵.

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The best Malaysian food are those Indian banana leaf curry places!
Would be awesome if it opened here but they’d probably charge an arm and a leg.

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I think San San Lim Laksa is fantastic. But my Malaysian coworker just thinks ok. Best Laksa in town if you ask me



Can find any good Singaporean food here to be honest… no Hokkien prawn noodles, sambal stingray or bak chor mee…

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Pictures look good! I’ll definitely check it out.


Here now, ordered a nasi lemak. We’ll see