Where's the highest train station in Taiwan?

Where’s the highest train station in Taiwan? (in meters or feet)

Also… as long as I’m asking, where’s the highest road accessible by
regular cars(not 4x4 off-road or military vehicles) in Taiwan?

Thanks in advance for any information! :slight_smile:

Hwy 14 crossing over to the east coast from Taichung is the highest road here in Taiwan. I went up there with an old Toyota Corona without any troubles. The highest point is at 3275 m about 10000 feet.

Two guesses:

Mount Ali should be the highest train station, 2216 m

Yakou (the highest point of the Southern Cross Island Highway) is 2722 m above sea level

no responsibility is taken for the correctness of this information

So I was slow and wrong…

The old station at Sanyi used to be the highest in the country with the exception of the foresty train up to Alishan. The 12km stretch at Sanyi is now discontinued and makes for a nice stroll in the afternoon.

Not too wrong, at least your train station guess seems quiet accurate.

Slow, yes indeed. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

The highest train station in use is Chushan (2,451m), followed by the middle station on that branch, Chaoping (2,274m), then the terminus, Alishan (2,216m). Alishan was still being rebuilt after the 921 earthquake when I last checked.

There are also small “stations” on the Alishan Forest Line to Shihou station (2,300m+?) which are not used presently because of rebuilding work, again because of 921.

In Hualien County, the disused Lintien forestry railway apparently reaches heights in excess of 2,600m.