Where's the IKEA in Taipei

What’s the address of the IKEA store in Taipei? Thanks.


No. 100, Dunhua North Road (Next to the Asiaworld department store)

Northwest corner of Nanjing East Road and Dunhua North Road. In the basement.

You guys posted at the exact same moment. Cool.

Thank you. Thank you.

I wonder if Mucha Man finally got to Ikea after all?

HEEEELP! I’m trapped in a nostalgia trip, trawling through old threads…

Can’t… stop… posting…

Have you read the rules lately ?

[quote=“Big Fluffy Matthew”]Have you read the rules lately ?

Got me there BFM. I guess I ought to be banned…

What can I say? I’m a retro-freak. Anything newer than an Edsel is just wrong in my book.

Just to save your ass, yes, I got to IKEA, but didn’t like it. Too damn hard to get out of there. I almost never go back unless I have hours to spare, and well I never have hours to spare for IKEA, so…

Thanks for that MM. You’re a gentleman and a scholar. :notworthy:

Thanks for that MM. You’re a gentleman and a scholar. :notworthy:[/quote]

And an amateur pschologist. Go get help. :wink:

I happened to be going up route 1 from Banciao to Taipei and happened across an IKEA MEGAMART that looks like it is nearing completion. I didn’t note the address but next time I get up that way, I’ll jot it down.
IKEA has it’s place in the world. (I just can’t figure out where)