Where's the Love?

It’s shocking how many critics of the Bush administration seem to be coming out of the wood-work lately. I am at a loss. These fellas are doing exactly what one would expect…

where do i start?

-they lost the war…psst, Dubya is still in denial…be gentle.
-the military leadership is running away from their policies faster than a page in Rep. Foley’s (R-FLA) office. they lost Powell’s support…not sexy.
-they just got bitch-slapped for trying to get the ball rolling on permanent bases in Iraq.
-Afghanistan & Pakistan are getting along about as well as John Ashcroft & anything to do with sexuality.
-the leaders of al-Qaida are on TV everywhere calling the President a chump.
-Dubya recently stated that he wouldnt pull out of Iraq even if only his wife and his dog supported him. Is this foreshadowing, or what?
-some of Dubya’s buddies, mainly Rep. Frist (R-Tenn), managed to tack on a bill restricting internet gambling onto the port security legislation. how incredibly under-handed, especially when the bill failed on its own merits a few months back.
-the GOP managed to find the time to pass legislation that will make it harder to hold gun dealers responsible for their actions…hooray!! that is exactly what this country needed, not silly stuff like affordable health-care and an increase in minimum wage.
-back to the war, because it is the feather in the cap of this administration…the soldiers of the Coalition of the Disinclined are getting picked off at a rate of 1 every 15 minutes…way to win the battle of hearts and minds Rummy. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

p.s. I’ve got the title of Dubya’s memoirs:
God Is On My Side, err at least my dog is. or How the evil-doers managed to take over my administration.

With Bush, that could just be a spelling mistake. :smiley: