Where's the 五花肉 (pork belly)?

The last three times I’ve gone to my local PX Mart they haven’t had this staple meat. Is this widespread or only at my local store? Just curious

Is pork imported to Taiwan? If so, China has been dealing with a pork virus iirc and Covid has impacted American exports.

I assumed most of Taiwan’s pork was locally grown, but I have no idea. Anyway, I bought sausage and chicken instead and made jambalaya, which turned out


Guys. Don’t post this stuff to Temp as it’s useful information.

I can’t keep up my image of a ruthless oppressor if you make me untemp stuff all the time :wink:


Good job. I’ve never made that. Share the recipe.

And here I thought you were a lovable avatar

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I’ve liked Dinghao/Wellcome’s selection of meat. Have you checked there?

Yeah, there’s a Wellcome by my work which might have it. PX Mart is by my house and that’s as far as my lazy ass wanted to walk :older_man:

I put it on the recipes thread :slightly_smiling_face:

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Stop buying meat from PX mart. Tiny portions and excess price.

Most Taiwanese buys their meat from the traditional market. The hog was killed that morning. They also have any cut of meat you can imagine at various prices.

Carrefour may have something, a little better selection compared to PX Mart at least.


As I said, pure laziness on my part.

It’s funny, I will buy my vegetables at the traditional market, but so far I’ve been too intimidated to buy meat there. I’m not sure how to order what I want, and to top it off I hear the meat vendors doing a lot of shouting in Taiwanese. Scary!

I’m halfway joking, but you’re right, I really should try to buy my meat there. I’m making that a goal.

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Obviously most Taiwanese people eat meat from the meat markets everyday and don’t get sick (and I’m sure quite a few restaurants I’ve eaten at buy their meat there), but having the meat just hanging on hooks out in the open air has always been a little intimidating to me

…and then delivered fresh to the market - on an open back Little Blue Truck of Death, hanging in the not-so-clean, warm night air, collecting dust and flies.

I guess that’s why in Germany we sometimes even eat raw pork and turkey (Mettbrötchen, Mettigel), but not so advisable here :sunglasses:

I picked up a nice bit of pork belly from Carrefour a couple of weeks ago and used my air fryer to cook it… came out beautiful with delicious crackling…

I’ve been seeing a lot of recipes for that in my Flipboard.

I’m going to have to try it.

Score the pork and rub olive oil and salt on the top layer…
25 minutes on 200, then 35 minutes on 175… take out and leave for 10 minutes…

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I just made some pork belly ala Red Braised. But dang if that doesn’t look good. Good job.