Where's the SA smiley?

There are smileys with flags from the USA, Canada (is that a country?), the EU (is that a country?) and the UK. But no South African flag. Just because we can’t really speak English and undermine the job market by working for peanuts, doesn’t mean we can’t have a smiley. Mr Maoman, I’m going to send a posse to hijack your car.

Better yet, send me the smiley/emoticon you want.

Better yet, send me the smiley/emoticon you want.[/quote]
Eeech! You called my bluff. Where does one find emoticons? How does one send them? Perhaps a more qualified Saffer like Mr Bismarck or Ms Battery 9 could do it?

I made one


Done! :southafrica:

And two more… :2cents: :popcorn:

You guys are stellar! :notworthy: