Which banks in Taipei work with Moneybookers?

I have mega, but that does not work.

Seconded. Anyone use their local bank to transfer money to moneybookers?

I don’t have or use Moneybookers; but found a website (all Chinese though) payoversea.com/moneybookers/).
According to it, it says it is ABN AMRO Bank N.V. Taipei Branch.

However I am aware ABN AMRO Taiwan business had been sold to RBS during the economic downturn and then RBS sold it to ANZ on April 2010.
Therefore I’d suggest now it’s ANZ Taipei. anz.com/taiwan/en/Personal/

lol, oops. make sure you don’t add the branch numbers to the swift code when signing up with moneybookers. mega works, and iirc, was easy to sign up for as a foreigner :sunglasses: