Which bars should I hit in Taipei?



As noted


Do you have a problem with men trying to meet women?

You sound like a perfect first customer for my services, if you catch my drift. :wink:


You sound like a particularly bad case of the clap that just won’t go away…:laughing:


What a crowd, no respect I tell ya, no respect.


Firstly, thanks for all the considered responses. Good to know that there is plenty to check out and this is really helping me build up a picture.

As for my age, I’m early 30s. So always ready to meet girls but not really interested in the pros. Price range for beers isn’t a major concern – I’m not on a budget or anything. That being said, if I found out my beer is going to cost me 10 quid I’d probably be looking to move on for the next one unless the place was pretty special.

I have a couple of follow up questions…

Any happy hours in particular recommended?

And I’m still trying to figure out whereabouts in Taipei I should book a hotel. I would normally try to be within walking distance of the/a major bar strip but based upon what I’ve read it seems that Taipei doesn’t really have a major stand out area in this regard. Any suggestions on general location?


Shoot for either the Dong Qu area (Zhongxiao Fuxing to Xinyi) or Zhongshan area for a hotel. Or, you could also look for a place around the Dongmen area.


A lot of people book BnBs or hotels near Ximen MRT station, which is a hop skip away from Taipei Main Station where lots of buses and the airport MRT terminal is located.

If you aren’t held down by budget, by all means book a room in the W or one of the nice hotels in Xinyi district. Nice views and don’t be worried, there’s bars nearby too.


The Speakeasy would be the closest …

The Shannon was a great Irish bar, sorely missed.


Thanks again everyone!


Xinyi and zhongxiao dunhua district are your best bet for access to bars and things to do.


True. And there isn’t really a hotel location that’s better than another location. Mass transport MRT and bus plus taxi makes everything close anyway.


Ha. More like went bankrupt. Again.


Taipei needs a street of bars like in Bangkok where you can literally stumble from one into another. The combat zone is the only one I can think of.


Maybe that was the idea behind the dive KTV bars near the Huaxi Street Night Market? :joy:

Somehow I don’t see residents greeting the idea of an entire street that would attract drunken, loud barfly foreigners.


Oh yeah, silly me. Taipei is a very peaceful city. I guess night markets are acceptable places to have a drink.


If you want entertainment of “bar hoppers” doing drunken acts of drunk. Check out the Vieshow area in Xinyi on a Saturday(Sunday) evening (morning) at around 2AM.

In my experience, Neo19, Vieshow and ATT4FUN are the closest in which bar/club/lounge establishments are close enough to “bar hop”.


A bar hopping area would be cool, but again, there’s a lot of “not in my backyard” in Taipei, especially if wasted foreigners are involved.

Xinyi comes close as mentioned above though; hit up Barcode, LMNT, and maybe a club, but that’s a pricey little night.


Agree that Taiwan sorely needs a street or area for drunken bar hopping, mingling, socializing, letting off steam. Combat Zone, some streets in Hsinchu, Taichung, Kaohsiung, Taipei, the gay area in Ximeding yes these places have this to some extent, but it’s just not quite at the level where it needs to be


Bar hopping reminds me of the time in London when the coworker insisted on going to a peep show. The lady was NOT worth the two quid popped in the machine, i did not stay the full minute.

We went in search of another place, found one in a different street. Put in the two quid and …SAME LADY. we came into the same place via a different street. but same place.

Bar hopping is the same. The same group of people bar hop. If you can’t “make it happen” in one bar, you are still you at the next place and they are still them.

Same shit in a different bottle. Find one place and go there often and pretty soon you meet your wife…err I mean wife to be. Not good to meet your current wife while you are bar hopping in general.


Ah, you didn’t get what you thought was you 2 pounds worth. Im shocked. And yes if you put another 2 pounds in, you get the same thing out. I’m from London so I guess you were in Sogo? Perhaps on your way to Wong Kei restaurant? Cheap yet very rude service, people would go there just to experience their incredibly rude service and yeah Ive been there a couple of times.

That part of London you need to keep your wits about you, a friend from here went over and her colleague was pick pocketed, not all that surprising, but they put the wallet back and only took the money.