Which Bond is your favorite?

Did you know that 12 actors have played James Bond.
Everyone knows:
Sean Connery
George Lazenby
Roger Moore
Timothy Dalton
Pierce Bronsnan
& Daniel Craig

But there were other actors who also played Bond on TV and radio

Barry Nelson played Bond in 1954 on CBS’s adaption of Casino Royal. Peter Lorre played the villian. (only American actor to play Bond)

Bob Holness played bond in 1952, You Only Live Twice (book published in 1964) on Springbok Radio in South Africa.

Henry Diffenthal played Bond in 1953, Diamonds Are Forever also for Springbok Radio in South Africa.

Dewar McCormack played Bond in 1953, Casino Royal for the South African Broadcasting Corp.

Richard Burton played Bond in 1961, Dr. No for a Springbok Radio/BBC co-production.

Hein Boele played Bond in 1975, Goldfinger (in Dutch) for Nederlandse Omroep Stichting - NOS

The 1967 Bond spoof Casino Royal does not count.

The TV version with Barry Nelson is now on DVD. A group in the UK is looking for surviving copies of the radio versions. So far the only one located was the 1953 version of Casino Royal for Springbok Radio. They found 2/16" transcription disks at in an old office building in Cape Town.

Jeez, do you even have to ask? Henry Diffenthal, of course.


Rhymes with Yawn.

Connery was for me the greatest bond: handsome, muscular, suave, tough, ruthless, resourceful, and with a fine intelligence. The greatest Bond flick was You Only Live Twice, with a screenplay by Roald Dahl. I love this movie because it’s set in the Far East, predominantly in Japan, with awesome vistas(Himeji Castle), martial arts(ninjas), Eastern inspired music by John Barry, who tried to capture the “elegance of the Oriental sound”, and of course two Asian babes, Akiko Wakabayashi(Aki) and Tsai Chin(Ling).

Scene: Back at Tanaka’s house:

Tanaka: Chasing girls will be the end of you, Bond-san, I have told you that before.
Aki: He didn’t chase her. He did it so I could get away. He wouldn’t touch that horrible girl. You wouldn’t, would you?
James: Oh, heaven forbid.

Rhymes with Yawn.[/quote]
That’s cuz youse Mal-Spawn.
And not
from the Dawn.
Carry On,
little faun.

peakers! Always a little too soon…

Pierce–rhyms with “Oh, oh, oh God! Oh, oh yes!” Brosnan

Corey Burton!

Rhymes with Yawn.[/quote]
That’s cuz youse Mal-Spawn.
And not
from the Dawn.
Carry On,
little faun.

I always thought
Your words were rot.
And now I see
How made for thee.

Little Jimmy Bond, AKA Dr. Noah.

Connery, but I liked Daniel Craig quite a bit.

I’m waiting, however, for the Keanu Reeves interpretation of Bond. It’s bound to happen.


And then I’ll kill myself…

I’m sure you’ve just given me nightmares.

Who should play Bond next time around…? The Rock? Brendan Frasier? Christian Bale? One of the Baldwins? Viggo Mortenson or Orlando Bloom? Antonio Bandaras? Ice T?

The mind boggles!

Sean Connery because he actually did some spying in his movies.
Timothy Dalton because his Bond is the most plausible (a relative thing, I know).

I’m sure you’ve just given me nightmares.[/quote]

Tell me about it… I was making a joke, and I up and nearly ruined a classic series of movie memories… If I go to Hell, Keanu Reeves will be playing Bond every day at matinee time…

him, or Vin Diesel.

007 should and must be portrayed by one of Celtic descent…
it adds to the flavor.
Whinging poms never did much for their own since 1066.
And all that!
Bloody Saxons!

Oh come on. You’re exaggerating just a little don’t you think?

Oh come on. You’re exaggerating just a little don’t you think?[/quote]
Awlighty, then.

Name a significant English battle,
and I do mean English as opposed to British,
that was followed thru with something other than the watery anglo spunk.

The lexicon speaks for its self.
The English stole, bought or rented their best warriors.
And they still won’t pay the Gurkha their fair share.
Bloody whinging poms is a vast understatement.
Especially if one views the historical context of the times!
Dominions & all that.
& how well we all performed…