Which buxiban in Taichung?



I’d like some advice, Iv worked at hess for over a year and now am considering moving on. Has anyone got any recommendations for “good” or buxibans with “better” working conditions?


After you’ve put in your one year, collected that experience, and proved that you have staying power, it frees you up to work for almost any buxiban of your choice. There are tons of options, so I’d recommend you just check out all the schools closest to where you live (or where you’d like to live) and refer back to Forumosa’s blacklist of schools as a way of making sure they’re ok. Otherwise it’s kind of hard for us to make suggestions since there are just so many schools.


Probably the best working conditions will be the British Council in Xinyi or Shipai. They used to have a minimum requirement of 2 years post CELTA (or TEFL qualification equivalent) teaching experience. I believe they’ve relaxed that rule recently. It is quite competitive to get a full time contract there.


I should have mentioned, I live in Taichung


Still same as anywhere, really. Print out some copies of your resume, look presentable, and walk into whichever school seems good with a smile on your face. Then do your research based on who gets back to you.


Location helps.


I’m going to take a stab in the dark that buxibans in Taichung are pretty much identical when it comes down to working conditions and benefits. Best hourly rate is probably the best thing to aim for.

Any posters here from Taichung know otherwise?