Which buxibans don't have a lot of admin

Are there any buxibans where you don’t have to grade homework and tests and write reports or at least not write reports weekly for the parents to see how their little prince is doing.
The co-teacher handles that and you are there to teach.

It really depends on the individual school. I have virtually nothing to write. Once a year I write a few sentences about how well Jr has done and that’s it. Once in a while they ask me to proof read flyers and that’s it.

I experienced the total opposite at HESS lol. Weekly reports on how Jr is doing for 20 students.

I left buxibans and work in the public school program now but my friend who’s coming back to Taiwan does not want to work for HESS again (where I met him) but we don’t know which buxibans don’t drown you with admin.