Which call card for W. Europe?

Hi there - does anyone know which of the international prepaid call cards is cheapest for Western Europe (Ireland)? I spent 15 minutes going through the gamut of them with two lads at 7-11 and am none the wiser…

m…in fact, I have lived there for many years and have never heard the prepaid card in Taiwan.Although there are many telphone cards in Europe I could bought when I traveled there, and it didn’t remind me there is no prepaid card in Taiwan. I called to Germany last month by mobil phone because the price is the same as the phone at home.Of course, very expensive!
If you find this prepaid card, please tell me, I really need it.

have you looked for them moonsea? They seem to be sold all over the place - convenience stores, restaurants. Can’t name specii\fic places though - I find 012 / the 0865 number that Mark Nagel (?) put on another thread more convenient than the cards, and not expensive.


You mean normal phone card? Or produced by USA tel company? I am so surprised (well, I spent too much for calling), how could I buy them? ( in China town? ) in 7-11 or ?

I am embarrassed…

Yeh I went into one of the convenience stores (wasn’t 7-11 now that I think about it - the logo was red on white if that’s any help) and asked. They had two or three different brands. Unfortunately they don’t say on the outside what the rates are, so I took one - the ‘006 Super Card’ from 台灣固網. The card is 200 kuai and costs 7.5 per minute to the PRC, 4 per minute to N. America, 9 to Oz/NZ and about 20 to W Europe. Would have to research if the other cards are cheaper …


I miss the card which could call abroad 1 hour within five Europ dollar.

The cheapest way to call anywhere in the world is by dialing 0951-300-888. Then you will hear a recording in Chinese that says (translated to English): “Please enter the number you wish to dial, followed by the pound sign (hash key)”. Then dial 002 plus the country code and then the phone number you wish to dial (omitting the initial zero in the area code) and then hit #. On your phone bill, this call will be charged as a call to a pager, so the charge will only be 4 NT per minute!

And it’s the same price to every country in the world, 24 hours a day. The only exception is that if you call certain countries which are otherwise very expensive to call (like Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Burma, for example), you get a recording that says something like “Sorry, you have dialed an invalid number.” Also, for certain countries, it lets you call landlines (regular telephones) but it doesn’t let you dial mobile phone numbers.


Thank you. Where can I buy that card?


what Mark’s talking about is not a card:

You just dial 0951-300-888, wait for the voice, then dial the number you want (starting 002 if it’s international). Press # once you’ve finished dialing. Voila.


Thanks lots. At least , I know now.

Thanks for the 0951 300 888 information…

And it works for Ireland… I tried!

Mark, who is this company? Do you know?

Sorry I don’t know what company sponsors 0951 300 888. But I know that there are a lot of other 0951 and 094x numbers for calling overseas. For example, you can also try 0951 333 007. I know a few other ones, but the above two numbers are the best (in terms of sound quality). These numbers never advertise, so I found out about them by “word of mouth”.


I found this in the travel forum. I think the tech forum is more appropriate. First time that I’ve heard about this 0951 thing. Does it still work? Is it cheaper than 019?