Which Carrefour is the biggest?

Been to Carrefour in Beitou then went to the one in Tianmu and was shocked at how big it is. Are there other Carrefour stores as big as Tianmu or any that are larger?

The one in Ximending is probably bigger. The RT Mart on Bade Road is bigger yet

Neili is surprisingly large.

Thanks I’ll check it out. I’m looking for a mattress pad and the Tianmu location is taking forever on my order so I’m not too confident it is coming.

By Carrefour Tienmu, are you referring to the one nearby Zhishan MRT Station? There are 3 Carrefour Markets closer to Tianmu Road (East, West, and right on Zhongshan) but none are as big as the one at Zhishan (Dexing Road?)

I remember visiting Carrefour at Ximending but still thought the one at Zhishan had the bigger produce section

The Carrefour by Marimar ferris wheel in Dazhi is very big.
Easy to get to by MRT station close by.

Yup the one outside the MRT station

It might! Zhishan definitely has more foreign goods. I think the dry goods floor is larger though.

Carrefour Tamsui Danxin Store