Which country has the second best seafood?

Does any country even come close to Japan? Regardless of which Chinese restaurant I go to, it ALWAYS comes out steamed/fried with the skin still attached smothered in a sauce with perhaps hot peppers sprinkled on top. No creativity whatsoever.


Best, Portugal, second, France. Why would you mention Japan or China?

Wot, the fish has skin attached?


Bone n’all?

I think that Madagascar has the second best seafood. Kenya is 5th.

What about Burma and Bechuanaland?

Pft, made me Google!

am I gonna get thrown under a bus if I say Canada? and by Canada I mean Vancovuer?..

seriously though, they are right next to the cold water, with lot of marine life. There are Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese, Malaysian, Singaporean, Spanish, whatever cuisines, you name it, it’s there.

Yeah, Vancouver is an excellent choice, but the problem is we are not clarifying what we mean by best seafood? Is it all about preparation or variety? These days fish comes from anywhere there are still stocks so anyone can have access to the same fish. But the quality is dropping as some stuff that wouldn’t have been seen fit for cat food is now used in top restaurants, and too much farmed fish is used everywhere. Farmed salmon is an abomination: they have to use pink dye just to make it look natural. Farmed shrimp has been described as being raised in pesticides, antibiotics and poo. Yum.

Not only that, but passing off other species as more desirable species is becoming widespread.

Not only that, but passing off other species as more desirable species is becoming widespread.[/quote]

Yep. And black market fish from areas supposedly under protection.

I think Japan is still probably tops in this respect as their labeling laws are very strict.

The Comoros. Doubtlessly.

I’m just gonna throw NZ in there. They must be a pretty good contender? (say’s the NZ loving, ill-traveled kiwi girl…)