Which degrees are recognized?

Hey everyone. I have been told that only certain degrees are recognized by the Taiwan MOE. They have a list. If your University isn’t on the list, you can’t teach English in Taiwan. But here’s the thing. someone told me that if I want to know if my University is on the list, I should go to english.moe.gov.tw and so I did. But I didn’t find anything. I can find which Universities within Taiwan are nationally accredited. But I can’t find the list of foreign Universities which are accepted in Taiwan. I hate to sound dumb, but does anyone know where I can access that list?

I see a list of some kind, but I’m not sure it’s the list you’re looking for:
edu.tw/bicer/content.aspx?si … nt_sn=8487

Actually, it’s a list of lists. You can click the links and get lists by country. If you have trouble with the Chinese, you can download the Google Chrome browser (you can find it by typing chrome in the Google search box), and it should translate the page for you. Google Translate doesn’t always translate well, but it should do an adequate job on that website.

I’m not knowledgeable about this subject. Maybe a knowledgeable person will notice this thread and say whether the list linked above is the list you want. Anyway, I hope this helps.

In October of 2007, ScottSommers posted a link to a list. Here’s his post:

Here’s the link he posted, now dead as far as I can tell:
edu.tw/EDU_WEB/EDU_MGT/BICER … ca/ca3.htm
A copy of the apparently-dead page can be accessed via the WayBack Machine of the Internet Archive:
web.archive.org/web/200803151108 … ca/ca3.htm
I copied some language from the above-linked Internet Archive page and pasted into Google. That yielded the link near the top of this post.

Actually it looks like the list I’m looking for. Thanks alot.

You’re welcome.

I don’t think they have a list. However, the MOE does have a regulation with articles mentioning that the applicant must submit a Letter of Consent on the authorization of an examination into whether the institution where he/she receives the degree from is accredited in its home country.

Here’s the URL: english.moe.gov.tw/content.asp?CuItem=7364&mp=1

Here’s the snip of the accreditation credential:

Article 7
Items in foreign academic credentials that institutions of higher education apply to the overseas agenciess for examination assistance are as follows:

admission requirements.
term of study.
whether or not the school is recognized by the competent educational authority or by a relevant accreditation agency in the home country.
other necessary items.

Suffice to say that the applicant will have no problem if he/she has a degree from Harvard (but then who would wanna come work in the 'wan with a Harvard degree except for Ma?).

But then an Acupuncture Uni? Hmmmm…

This list is now located here: