Which die grinder/rotary tool should I buy?

It is not so much a WCIF question, but rather a question which one should I buy, if I wanted to buy one (I think I do). Are there significant differences between Dremel, Proxxon etc.

Is it worth it to buy Proxxon for 4500, when I can buy noname for 900 (or for 1500 with 230 pieces that I will never use)? Or a used Dremel for 1000 (without the little thingies though, it seems)

Or different question, would you buy a used Dremel 300 for 1000 or a new one for 2900? Or is the Dremel 100 for 1800 the better deal? Then there is Dremel 275 for 2000NT…

I know of course, that it depends what I want to use it for, and I do realize that most of the time what you pay is what you get. Maybe I just want to hear what other folks are using and how happy they are with what they’ve got.

Oh, and one more question: the accessories, I assume that I could buy an expensive German tool and then go with cheap Chinese made accessories, couldn’t I? As long as they all are the the same diameter.

One thing I would do is avoid buying a used one. You never know what its been used for in the past and if the motor is still in good shape.

What brand/model is the one you have got, Sandman? I had the impression you were pretty happy with it.