Which forumosan has the highest IQ?


Who’s going to be the judge?


That must be one smart hamster!


His breath smells like hamster food.


You are 72 years old that’s why
After 50 your age is your number


“Your IQ lies outside the area that the test is able to measure.”

Like you would know. :roll:

It’s a joooooooke. :banana:

My patience is unable to be measured by that test.


What about EQ? They got a test for that?


Yes. It’s called “life.”


NO but a spouse makes a good checks and balances system.


Depends how fucked-up your spouse is.


tommy according to his wife : “as dumb as he looks”


Just read Forumosa, you’ll know poster’s EQ!


She was smart she figured out Diamonds were a girl’s best friend way before most women did lol


Diamonds have no real secondary market. Mrs. Crusher should instead set her heart on larger quantities of gold (or some other easily-liquidated item of value).


How about sea pearls ?


Dunno. Aren’t they just called “pearls”?


Pearls of wisdom seem to be the currency on this thread :thinking::wink:


It’s to distinguish them from freshwater pearls. :grandpa:


Ah, enlightenment dawns. Thanks yyy, my IQ just grew 2 points. I was thinking in the direction of, I dunno, real pearls vs. fake pearls or something.


An auspicious start to the year of the Earth Pig! :pig: :+1: