Which global bank to choose

i need a good global bank i can access from everywhere and keep when moving out of Taiwan. I am thinking HSBS or Citibank.
Which one is better in Taiwan? Do they offer decent service (credit card, complete online banking, online investments, english speaking consultants, etc…)?
Another questions are invertments gains taxable in Taiwan?

We were thinking along similar lines before moving to Taiwan and opened an account with Citibank. Once in Taiwan, we were surprised to learn that we could not access our Citibank USA account through Citibank Taiwan. We could have opened a separate local account that was in no way linked to our other one, but other banks offered better deals for that. Citibank Taiwan told us that they only offered true global accounts for large businesses, and Citibank USA confirmed the assertion.

Any advice on the best bank to wire money to my home bank. Right now I’m losing $40 to $50 every time I transfer!

Do a search on this. it has been hashed over numerous times. My best suggestion is to use a friend with one of your Taiwan Bank cards in your home country. They can withdraw (various limits apply depending on the country) and deposit to your home account for you. You have to use an IC card with a 4 digit PIN. Your ATM IC card can have both a 4 digit PIN for international use and a 6 digit PIN for Taiwan use. Make sure your Taiwan bank understands that you will be using the card internationally or it wont work. This saves me money on this end (about $15.00 U.S.) and on the receiving end (about $10.00 U.S.) everytime I send funds home. The small down side is the daily withdrawal limit and a small ATM fee at the withdrawal site. Others have previously posted numerous other suggestions.