Which is better? sat tv or cable?

which is better? sat tv or cable?

  • sat (30sec ads)
  • chinese cable (5min ads)

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some people like chinese cable, some like sat tv? some people say, which ones better?

for me, i like jims dream tv package(sat), but for me personelly i hate chinese news, like when the tsunami happend it was on cnn, the chinese news talked about fireworks in new york!!! what was that all about, the ads on axn for cable had things about chinese medicine, nothing to do with axn!!!

please vote for sat tv,


“please vote for sat tv”? Why? Does it even make any difference? You’re not even asking a question, you’re telling us which one is “better”.

Personally I think it depends entirely on what programs you want to watch. Who gives a toss about the ads? And what the hell? Chinese medicine ads on a Taiwanese cable system, even in AXN, make perfect sense - people in Taiwan–the majority of the people who watch cable here, by the way–buy Chinese medicine.

This thread is dumb AICMFP.

i just like sat tv, i dont know why and im evil (lol)…

well in the typhoon season the cable is out, while you guys are NOT wathcing tv when you want to, im watching sat tv even DURING the typhoon. thats why for me sat tv is better

The only time my tv ever went out in a typhoon was during a power cut. No matter how great sattv is, it still runs on electricty. :unamused:
And some people like the ads. I find it extremely useful to know exactly where I can pick up the cheapest furniture and to have that information provided to me at regular 15-minute intervals.

Are you stoned?

Funny, I watched that on CNN and I don’t even have satellite. And I saw that stuff on the Chinese news channels too. Maybe when you came down it was already too late and you’d missed it.