Which is Better to Work? Public School or Private School?

I got an email for an interview at a school in New Taipei. This time it’s in person and not online. This is for an EFL teaching position in a private Elementary School. I am currently
at a public school and after my whole year at this school, today I feel as if I am just tired
of this place. They decided not to extend my contract since early June, and now I am feeling a higher toxic pinch in this school.

So what I need to know is this…is it better to work in a public school or a private school? When I say private school I am not talking about cram schools, neither am I talking about parochial private schools, but just plain private (day) schools. Is it better to work in a public school or private school?

I thought you were going to Thailand or something?

Also, please use the search bar. This has been discussed many, many, many times.


I thought I posted before I know.

I searched it, and I have read through the responses. It’s needless to say that working in the public schools in Taiwan is better.
And yes, I am going to Thailand. but my letter of permission from their ministry of education is being held up, and my time here in Taiwan is running out.

I’ve only worked at a private school here in Taiwan but I’d say for my experience it was quite stressful. I have talked to a couple people that have worked both and they both said public is way easier. But really it all depends on where you land of course.
I’d start applying right now if you haven’t already, positions are going quick.

At some point you are going to have to make a decision and then make it work.

Thanks for your input.
I read through another thread on this topic and it is true to
say that this thread I started is like listening to a broken record.
What you said is true and most people on the other thread said
the same thing, working in the public schools is better, and I
believe it.
I am not going to even bother look for another public
school position anymore. I applied for one in Chiayi
through Teach Taiwan and I got no response to move
further to get a chance to teach in their EFL program.
I am moving to go somewhere else.

Teach Taiwan is a good recruiter but can also be really slow. I’d just call them up and ask directly. I’ve found that with many places - either sit and wait for a reply or call and get an immediate reply. Could be they don’t have the positions and are too lazy to reply to you. Kaohsiung might be an option I know when they opened that program up last year they had a shit on of positions. Ren He is another recruiter for public schools in Taiwan and are now placing for Taipei (not sure where else though). Also, the FET program has one position left - but it’s in Punghu which would be perfect for some people but seriously boring for others.
One more thing I’ve heard from people about public vs. private schools is that public schools are super socially isolating as there are few if any foreign teachers working with you. I think at most private schools it’s a team of foreigners so it’s nice to be able to chat with people. Actually really nice just to shoot the shit with people. So that’s a huge upside.
I don’t know exactly your situation is but I would say to anyone, just apply and interview even if you are not real interested, cause you never know when you’ll find a good fit. Plus it’s always good to have options especially in an unpredictable world that we live in now.
Worst case scenario, get a job at a private school in Taiwan, hate it, break your contract and head out to another country.

I am already making things happen after I accepted my job offer in Thailand despite the
delay in one of my documents I need. It’s better for me to make a move to get things happening than to sit and wait for a recruiter to help me get something.

Can confirm. I worked at a public middle school for 6 months almost a decade ago. Was the only foreigner there and would go whole days without anyone else saying a word to me (except students). I was treated like I was invisible and nothing was ever explained even when I first joined there. It was depressing and awful, only contract in my 12 years teaching that I’ve ever broken early. Should note this was in S Korea, but I’ve heard the same thing about the public schools here.

So it is even at my school where I don’t socialize that much with my other 4 foreign teachers.

But that’s your choice (or it’s your coworkers that are just anti-social). That’s different from the situation I mentioned above.