Which is sadder?

Which of these is the sadder act?

  • Posting on Forumosa on Christmas day.
  • Posting on Forumosa on Valentine’s evening.

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Which of these two acts deserves greater sympathy:

Posting on Forumosa on Christmas Day or posting on Forumosa on Valentine’s evening?

Obviously this is asked because one should be with ones family or special someone at those times, not spodding it up on t’internet.

(I have done neither BTW.)

That is so easy.

It has to be Christmas day. We all have somebody for Christmas day or that is sad.

Not everybody has a SO for valentines day. Not everybody even gives a damn about an arbitrary love day. I forgot it and did feel a little guilty though.

Don’t sweat it. I’m sure that giant inflatable love doll in your avatar will forgive you. :wink:

[quote=“TomHill”]Obviously this is asked because one should be with ones … special someone at those times, [/quote]That is why I spend it on Forumosa.

Besides offering needy lads a leg-up for a leg-over, Valentine’s Day is a meaningless irrelevance.

VDay should be spent gettin some.
Christmas, however, is a Christian Holiday. So woot.

Having posted on both days, I’d probably say that posting on Valentine’s Day evening is probably slightly more pathetic. It’s not like I can be with family during Christmas.

Valentines day is stupid and should remain as such.

Not agree.
Valentine 2006 was the best day in my life.

Valentine 2007 untill 3058 should remain stupid as such…

Maybe you’re just not romantic enough.

Or maybe you had noone to spend it with and now you’re bitter.

I spent it with my right hand, man.

Your right hand man? Funk500?

Confused of Basildon.

I think posting about which is sadder is the saddest because I am a sadist.

[quote=“TomHill”]Your right hand man? Funk500?

Confused of Basildon.[/quote]

Nothing to do with me mate… I was mooching about Yanmingshan with the lovely ladyfunk.

What if you and your SO posted on both V-Day and Christmas from the same computer? That would be ok, right?

Being in a foreign country one could expect that you may not have someone to spend Christmas with. Especially as it is not exactly one of the most celebrated Western holidays in Taiwan.

Posting on the net on Valentines Day is probably the sadder of the two as that may (and note I say MAY) indicate that you don’t have the ability to find someone in said foreign country to spend time with you…

And I did post on Valentines Day, but only after I had taken care of the SO… :smiley:

… and sometimes people want to post on here to tell everyone that they have a wife 'cause they have nothing better to do and the eventual “having no sex” thing happens about as soon as they get married except to have a kid.

No, you think posting about which is sadder is sad because you are an annoying sod who likes to stir the pot from your home IN KOREA.

I’m 30 and I don’t have a wife. Is that sadder than having a wife and not getting laid? Or vice versa?