Which is worse?

Is it worse to be exuding a terrible foot stench or to have to be close to someone else who’s exuding a terrible foot stench?

The latter is worse. At least with the first, you can take measures to fix it.

Well, fortunately the worst of odours usually become almost bearable after a period with just the occasional rise in pitch offering discomfort. This way you can settle back smugly admiring the other’s discomfort after you’ve raised the issue of their malodorous feet with them.

There is a definite discomfort factor in being aware that you stink. But then again, maybe I’m just polite.


I couldn’t handle smelling bad myself. I hate the idea of smelling bad. Dealing with my mom’s stinky feet, on the other hand (and they are so stinky) has never bothered me.

I don’t like stinkiness. From myself or others.

The latter is probably worse, 'cos yes, if you’re aware you’re feet stink you can take measures against that, and if you don’t… Well you don’t know, so why would you care then I guess…