Which is your preferred sexual activity?

Which do you prefer?

  • Masterbating
  • Fucking a dead donkey

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As per smelly glove’s request.

It is spelt masturbate! :slight_smile:

Oh, no wonder I didn’t understand the poll. Can I change my vote?

You would know.

Spanking the monkey.
Dancing with Rosie Palm and her five lovely daughters.
Jerkin’ root.
Pulling yer pud.
Wackin’ off.
Committing the Sin of Onan.

I voted.

With my free hand.

You would know.[/quote]

Of course! It’s incorrectly spelt on most of my favorite internet sites! :slight_smile:

It’s reassuring to know there are so many dead-donkey fuckers out there. :flog:

And to think I felt I was a freak. :rainbow:

How long has the donkey been dead? I mean, because there’s this period when it’s just ripe…

Well…originally Lord Lucan suggested a donkey. He didn’t specify male or female, but definitely stated it ought to be fucked up the arse. I figured a dead donkey would probably be more co-operative. The beautify of it is you could get in there right away, I mean as soon as the nail’s shot through its head, or let the other donkey fuckers have their turn while you wait for it to ripen.

My fave is the one that doesnt come with a Bill, and that doesnt get you caught!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Praying that I get it before the well goes dry :pray:

where’s the “masturbating with a dead donkey” category? why are there only 2 options?

ooh. kinky.

My sexual favourite isn’t covered, whay are there only 2 options? I’ve never tried masturbating, how would I know if I like it. I mean donkeys are nice 'n all but. Ah well I guess I can try masturbating tonight and then vote tomorrow. :laughing: