Which Language School for 4 weeks language holiday

Hi Guys,
I already posted in the German board but I suppose it makes more sense to ask again here. I want to go on a language holiday in Taiwan this year. Unfortunately 4 weeks is really the absolute maximum of time I can spend away from my job.

Can anyone recommend language schools in Taiwan? I have read a little here and elsewhere on the web and found two candidates for such a short time

Taiwan Language Institute
Taiwan Mandarin Institute
Does anyone have experiences with either? Or other options, not necessarily in Taipei? I’m looking for som group lessons, some 1on1 and other than that learning by immersion.

Edit: I have used the search but not found much about either. The TLI gets mixed reviews but that is true for most schools.

I have been to China and Taiwan a few times but I’m almost a complete beginner. My goal is to get by as a tourist/business traveller, to understand and say simple sentences. Reading/Writing is not really that important to me right now. I am dabbling a bit with Rosetta Stone Mandarin that I got from a friend but I don’t get the feeling that I’m really learing the different tones.

thanks in advance.

I’ve done one-month language holidays in Taiwan a couple of times, and always did them with TLI, either in Taipei or in Kaohsiung. I’ve found them to be quite accommodating. As for the actual classes – every school is more or less alike. Essentially the same pool of teachers, the same training, the same books, and so on.