Which married man are u?

Caught Mind of a Married Manon HBO last night. Doug is my dream guy. My husband is a Mickey. Jake, I just want to stomp him. In the groin.

We really need a test for this before I can answer.

I tried to watch that show a few times but I didn’t think it was funny. Actually I thought it was more annoying than funny. Like Sex in the City. Braxtonhicks I can sympatize with your kick-to-the-groin sentiment.


I never watch that show, but my wife sometimes calls me Homer. Doh!

I want to be the married man who does NOT get stomped in the groin, please.

Bassman, don’t know of any tests, but going by your posts here, you’re probably a Doug. He’s the guy who leaves work at a reasonable hour to have dinner with the family, gives his wife foot rubs… the all-around good guy. Jake’s the guy with the beautiful wife and family who cheats and even has a hooker come to his office once a week. Mickey’s the guy who doesn’t know what he wants. He wants to do the right thing, do the famly thing, really adores his wife, but wishes he could score the way Jake does. I wonder if most married men are really like Mickey?