Which network provider has the fastest mobile internet ?!

Hello Guys,

as everyone can tell i am new in Taiwan and looking for a Good Reliable network provider to use it on my Iphone any idea , advise will be much appreciated .

by the way i have tried China Telecom already on my previous visit to Taiwan and it was disgusting !!!


I’m on Fareast Tone and generally get 300-700kbps down and 60-100 up. Not exactly great, but useable.

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Taiwan Mobile (中灣大哥大) for me on an iPhone 3GS has been around 1.3-3Mbps down and 150kbps up. Depends on location, but never much worse than 500kbps down as long as there is signal. Only had two dead spots, one in our office elevator and the other at the intersection of JiLong Road and Heping East Road

How can you see your mobile speed?
I’m using my iPhone on Chungwha and 3G speed is awful everywhere, all the time.
WiFi works like lightning though when I have a good connection.

speedtest.net or speedtest.net app.

Chunghwa Telecom and Taiwan Mobile give me comparable speeds in Taipei. Vibo Telecom was ok, but consistently slower. I never broke 800kbps with Vibo.

By China Telecom did you mean Chunghwa (CHT)? Remember though, network coverage and subsequently internet speeds can vary depending on your location.

FET in Linkou: 557 kbit/s down, 293 up

Ahh, cool.
Thx, I didn’t realize there was a native app for that.
Now I can see EXACTLY how slow the 3G service is. :discodance:

Cheers guys for your help really!

i think the best choice will be Taiwan telecom
Cheers mate

I have vibo and i get around 1300 kb/s in the Da’an area. My coworker has Zhonghua and gets around 2500 kb/s. However, Vibo’s overall reception in Taipei is less than stellar (party I think cuz it’s a 3G only service…)

Remember speed also depends on the quality of the mobile internet connector you have on your computer!

I remember I read an article in Tom.net, they tested three or four mobile internet providers with the same connector and went around different places in north/west/east/south of Taiwan; the best score went to ChungHwa Telecom. That’s why I’m on CHT.

Well! I will using it on my iPhone ( sim card 3g I think)
so any idea who’s the best provider ?!

Excuse me… somebody edited my spelling about Chunghwa Telecom into Zhonghua Telecom? Well take a look: cht.com.tw/CHTFinalE/Web/

That’s their actual company name in English!

About the best provider, I really don’t have an idea… I’ve been only on CHT. I think it works fine with me. Few sudden times of disconnection.