Which of us has purchased election insurance?

In one of the other threads, a poster asked this interesting question:

Certainly Kerry supporters being less likely to gamble is certainly one possible explanation. But the recent baseball World Series in the US, made me consider another possibility

I bought options for my US stocks as insurance.

i like the over.

Yeah, over/unders are fun. One of the overs at tradesports is the contact for the date on which the election will be finished.

The date is December 13, and it currently costs you $83 to buy a contract that pays $100 if the election is actually certified by December 13.

That seems a little high to me, but I guess there plenty of folks out there that have confidence that the vote tally will only take a couple weeks. That may be optimistic given how many states are up in the air and how long each state could take to deal with their challenges.

I read in the paper yesterday that Ohio expects about 8% of their ballots to be “provisional”, and that this 8% probably won’t be counted for 10 days after the election. So if Ohio’s electoral votes are enough to swing it, then even if there are no court challenges any state (which seems unlikely) November 12 would be the earliest likely date for knowing a winner.

Who knows though – maybe the election will be a landslide (one way or the other) and none of this will be an issue. Guess we’ll see soon enough…

i meant the “number of total numbnuts in election” number, stands at two now, looks good to me.