Which office is responsible for parking lots?

Long story short: a parking space has underwent some modifications and I wonder if these are legal or illegal. I have reasons for thinking that they are illegal.

Modifications are:

  1. Floor has been raised almost a meter
  2. There’s a new fence, and a board all over it
  3. There are parking slots on one of the sides, beside one of the streets where it’s located, and before there was empty space there

All these things make extremely difficult to see if there’s anybody approaching the crossroad from by the other street.

I have found this directory of governmental offices, I was hoping to find something like “civil development” or “city development”, but…


  • Department of Land Administration, Taipei City Government
  • Department of Urban Development, Taipei City Government ?

I guess that the office I’m looking for is the second one, but I hope that somebody here can confirm or give some insights. Thanks.

I would guess the DOT


Another possibility is the Construction Management Office


Department of Transportation? really? I guess that it’s not up to them to decide whether a building, construction, or road whatever is legal or not.

But your suggestion raises an interesting question. Is this parking space public or private? uhmmmm… is there any way to find out?

I think it is up to them to ensure traffic safety, and if this construction is impacting on that, I believe they would be concerned.

The other office monitors the safety and legality of construction in general.

Well, I guess I see what you mean. I will inquire in both offices. Or I will ask somebody with Chinese to do so… ehem…

You should call 1999 to talk to an operator if you’re physically in Taipei City. They are the one-stop service for most municipal governments services in Taiwan and can help you route your case to appropriate departments.

Would imagine the local Li Zhang is the person to contact although they’re usually the person that makes the illegal modifications…

Thanks, may be I will use that phone (not me really, but somebody with Chinese, here in Taipei, and patient enough…)

Sa Ma???


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Jefe de barrio, electo por voluntad popular. Cada ciertas cuadras hacen un li. Es más pequeño que un municipio o distrito.

Es la persona a cargo de velar por el orden y aseo del barrio, repartir las ayudas a las personas minusválidas o ancianos que viven solos, o el dinero que el gobierno da a la gente mayor de 65 años en fechas especiales. En general, hacen de referee en caso de pleitos entre vecinos.

Una muchacha de República Dominicana que se naturalizó ROC fue lizhang en Daan hace unos años.

That’s the kind of interesting information those of us from outside the Hispanosphere also enjoy learning. :slight_smile:

[quote=“mad_masala, post:12, topic:159722”][quote=“Icon, post:11, topic:159722”]
Es la persona a cargo de velar por el orden y aseo del barrio
We don’t have that in Xinzhuang.

I think most places in Taiwan have 里 (lis). I think you can find the 里長 (Lǐzhǎng) for individual 里 (lis) in Xinzhuang here, by clicking individual lis on the map:


Here’s another map of Xinzhuang that contains li names and boundaries:

You can also find individual lis on Google Maps. For example, I found 新北市 新莊區 雙鳳里 just by pasting the characters in the URL box in Chrome, hitting Enter, and clicking the top result:

Caveat: I’m not sure the above can be done with every district and li in Taiwan.