Which one of you guys works for the ISP again?

I need a domain name. I remember someone here does that sort of thing. Can you reply or PM me so I can give you my business instead of giving it to someone I don’t know?

hello there,

i do this all the time as it is part of my company (i don’t work at an isp though but we set up domains and websites for ourselves). our domains are based in australia, taiwan and also the US.

go to:

IX Web Hosting

i have only just registered a new domain for my son who was born last night in taipei at 21:55. the domain is www.nathan-green.com and will be online soon. it just needs to go through the dns so people can access it (and for me to build the site).

but the above mob are us based and you can register a .com (US based) or even a .TW domain with them. Their service is good as well and the features of the business accounts are good value for money. I have about 8 domains and sites with them.

DO NOT - and i repeat, DO NOT use globat.com for your domain registration and hosting services. they are a scam mob who rip you off and i have evidence of this if anyone cares to ask for it.

Ask if you need or want further info.




cheap & easy.

I think Milltownkid is the Forumosan you are looking for.
I think he’s the one.