Which passport to enter with?

ok, this is an incredibly silly question, but i’m incredibly naive. i know u need to hold a passport from a native english speaking country to teach in taiwan, but do u need to enter the island with that passport (can i enter with a taiwanese passport)? will that affect job pay?

Yes it will affect your job pay! Your boss will need to see your passport. So if you have one from Canada (or wherever) I would use that if I could!

I believe that if you have a Taiwanese passport, you have to enter with it, or even if you use another one it counts as if you used the Taiwanese passport to enter.


Watch out for the Taiwan military wanting a piece of your time.


The school will probably wants to see your US passport and diploma to make sure that you’ve graduated from college and that you are from an English speaking country, but you can still enter Taiwan with your Taiwan passport (unless you’ve served in the military already)

My friend enter Taiwan with his Taiwanese Passport and have to leave TW every 4 months (to avoid serving in the military), which isn’t a hassel to him at all since he is in Sales and get to travel every 4 months.

I entered with my Taiwanese passport and stayed for the whole year. Just came back to State and had no problem at all!! It would be different if you are a girl…

I’m a dual citizen so I show the officer both passports. So you can enter and exit using the Taiwan passport but travel from Taiwan (let’s say to Thailand) using your other one to save visa fees.

Schools that dock your pay because you have a Taiwanese ID are stupid and narrow-minded. I’ve never had pay be an issue. Actually some schools like that you have an ID because they don’t have to worry about an ARC for you.