Which roads can scooters use in Taiwan, as shown on Google Maps?

Been trying to work it out on Google Maps.

I know the clover symbol yellow roads are express ways and not allowed.

How about the yellow roads with the blue shield, are they also not allowed?

Also what about the yellow roads with red shield or yellow roads with a white rectangle?

I’m guessing all white roads are allowed?

The simplest way is to select the motorcycle icon when planning a trip and tick the “avoid highways/tollways” option on the menu. In this way Google will only give you routes that are accessible to scooters.


Not allowed for scooters , because it says 禁行機慢車 , which means scooters are not allowed to ride on this line

Avoid the National Highways (國道) and the Provincial Highways (省道) with red shield

The white rectangle signs: County and City Highways (縣道、市道) are allowed for scooters



Such a big help thank you so much!

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