Which school in Kaoshiung?

Dear Forum,

I want to learn chinese seriously and properly. The school must be able
to extend the 60 day visitor visa twice to complete a 180 day stay.

So far I heard about TLI and CLC (Sun-Ya-Tsen University).
Does the forum here know any other official language schools ??

Which one of above mentioned schools offer the better service.
CLC seems to be more expensive, but offering 12 hours weekly
comparing to 10 by TLI.

I want to take group classes, because my level of chinese is very basic
by now. My aim will be to very good communication skills in around 2
years. I don`t want to put too much attention about writing, as I want to learn chinese for private reasons.
Maybe later I prefer to learn taiwanese instead all that writing …

I appreciate any of your helpful comments. Maybe you can tell me
the advantage and disadvantes from every school.

Maybe you can also tell me your similar experiences in different towns like Taipei, Taichung or Tainan.

Thank you all very much for reading and (hopefully) answering this topic.

bye Timo

Wenzao college also provides Mandarin courses. wtuc.edu.tw/version/english/new2/

But I think it is litte bit expensive than Sun-Ya-Tsen University. My husband went to Sun-Ya-Tsen University for his beginner class. I think it is not bad but I did not think he improve much. So i would suggest you to check out Wenzao college. They are specialized in teaching different languages.