Which school should I choose?

Situation now resolved!

[quote=“pipstar1”]…SCHOOL NO.2
… I have been offered is £61,000 + $2000 attendance bonus per month. There are 22 teaching hours but I would have to be in from 10.30am - 7pm Mon-Fri (although, I would have weekends off)…[/quote]
Go for SCHOOL NO.2

61,000 pounds a month is fantastic for Taiwan.

Just remember with regard to school 2.

What they claim and what you will actually do may to two totally different things.
You might get the impression that they are a great school that sync with your idea of teaching, but this is probably the usual marketing blabber.

This is the usual situation in the teaching business here.

Regarding school 2, you have basically committed to teach for them and seem to have accepted their offer. Unless they are trying to screw you in any way, then stick to your commitments.

Uhh so you are already technically working for school 1. They arranged accomodation, met you at the airport and such? And uhmm you’ve signed a contract with them as well?

I’m not sure how easy it is to get out of a contract but i thought once you had signed that was it. There may be a hefty penalty if you break it?

Situation now resolved!

thats good, what happened?