Which schools pay the least?

In a related query, which schools pay the least? What are the shadiest, most penny-pinching schools out there?

Well, we had one lad recently who claimed his apartment was INSIDE his buxiban (which incidentally had no windows) and he was only getting like 30k NTD a month. So probably that one.


GVO has to be up there. 490 an hour starting rate.

yeah but you’d only teach there to meet girls no?

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I dunno. Some people really like GVO. I assume they up the pay over time. I don’t believe much effort is required when you teach there.

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The “room without windows” buxiban sounds like a winner, but come on Forumosa, shock me!

Bonus points if the buxiban/English school has a creepy English name, something like “Friendly Uncle English School” or “H.A.R.M. English Academy.”


“Friendly Uncle English School” had me legitimately laughing… well done.

Here’s the thread about the windowless hellhole fwiw. As entertaining reading, I’d give the thread a respectable 8/10

Makes me think how vulnerable many of us expats are when we first get here. I was lucky to find a school that was fairly straightforward with me.

I once met a guy in Taichung who got tricked into a similar situation. The school that hired him was in the middle of nowhere, he had to live in the dormitory with the students, and at the time he hadn’t been payed for two months. The owner, of course, offered him a generous loan to help him get by…

Yeah, I was lucky too. Well, I started in Korea, not Taiwan (here I knew what I was doing immediately). But in Seoul, my first chain school had a bunch of teachers it was training for an orientation. Then it would farm us out to different branches around the country. My branch was okay, not great. But a typical cram school. But some orientation mates, a couple from Canada, got sent to a branch in the country where the manager demanded their passports (they refused), and was bipolar and screamed at them a lot. The manager would regularly make unannounced visits to their apartment and demand they go back to school to teach a special class off the books during their off-hours too. There was other stuff, but it was over a decade ago so I forget. But they ended up pulling a runner less than 3 months in. So a lot depends on the individual managers even within the same chain school.

You live in Kaohsiung right? Went to this “Korea Dubu House” restaurant on Jung Shan Road (near Sanduo Shopping District) last weekend. That place was awesome.

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Well, I live a bit far from Sanduo, but if I’m in the area and in the mood for Korean then I’ll give it a shot. Thanks.

I take it you also live in Ktown?

No, Taitung. Mom-in-law lives in Kao (Ciaotou). I get over there about once a month.

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When I first got here I worked for a place called Core and Corner. I made 550 an hour but that didn’t include time filling out progress reports for each class. Also, you’re paid on a case-by-case basis and when people call to cancel because their boss asks them to work overtime, you end up losing the money. Some months I made less than 20,000. I think the most I ever made was 38,000.

In Danshui…



Sounds like Global Village.

I would think that HJ American School would be better for their hands-on approach.

They focus on oral skills.

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Beat me to it. :grin:

One can but live in hope that there is not an “ AJ” American school , you juveniles :blush:

What kid wouldn’t what to be taught English by AJ Styles?