Which song's reference to Taiwan do you like best?

Which song’s reference to Taiwan do you like best?

  • Pat Benatar - Suburban King
  • Bloodhound Gang - Yellow Fever
  • Don Henley - Watching TV
  • Elton John - Li’l Frigerator
  • Weird Al - King of Suede
  • Bob Dylan - Union Sundown

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Here are parts of six songs that mention Taiwan. Which reference do you like best?

  1. Pat Benatar - Suburban King

The union man said you would be recalled
But the company up and moved to Taiwan
You counted on the Pension Plan, but you were outta luck
The union says you only qualify for twenty-five bucks

  1. Bloodhound Gang - Yellow Fever

I said I needed her to do and her to do my laundry
I knew she needed a way to legally stay within the country
She was made in Taiwan I said I’m O.K. with that
Just promise me you’ll never try to eat my cat

  1. Don Henley - Watching TV

Her grandpa fought old chiang kai-shek
That no-good low-down dirty rat
Who used to order his troops
To fire on the women and children
Imagine that imagine that

And in the spring of '48
Mao tse-tung got quite irate
And he kicked that old dictator chiang
Out of the state of china
Chiang kai-shek came down in formosa
And they armed the island of quemoy
And the shells were flying across the china sea
And they turned formosa into a shoe factory
Called taiwan

  1. Elton John - Li’l Frigerator

She looked so easy 'cause she looked so young
With a geisha smile made in Taiwan
She got cherry bombs inside her eyes
And the luck of the Irish on her side

  1. Weird Al - King of Suede

If you need a tuxedo for your junior prom,
We can get you the best one that’s made in Taiwan.
We got jackets with patches on the elbows, too.
And we’ll sell 'em all factory-direct to you.

  1. Bob Dylan - Union Sundown

Well, my shoes, they comes from Singapore
My flashlight’s from Taiwan
My tablecloth’s from Malayisia
My belt buckle’s from the Amazon
You know, this shirt I wear comes from the Philippines
And the car I drive is a Chevrolet
It was put together down in Argentina
By a guy making thirty cents a day.

Oh come on! This isn’t even a real competition. Bloodhound Gang, of course, with Don Henley a close second. :laughing:

“Fung-Fu” by Ash:

I think it’s strange
He’s friends with Fu Manchu
And he thinks he knows you
Uh uh uh uh uh oh
Oh Daniel San made in Taiwan
Come on Jackie Chan
Uh uh uh uh uh oh

Sorry, this song came out on CD when it was first released, doesn’t it count ?

I forgot to include:

Matthew Good Band
Workers Sing A Song Of Mass Production

And there’s a fake part of me
that comes off so you can read
I was made by the Taiwanese in Taiwan
but they don’t like that much
because it’s called Formosa

Elton John for me, obviously !

Wooden Jesus by Temple of the Dog

Wooden Jesus where are you from
Korea or Canada or maybe Taiwan

“receiving dept. 3 a.m.
staff cuts have socked up the overage
directives are posted.
no callbacks complaints.
everywhere is calm.
Hong Kong is present
Taipei awakes
all talk of circadian rhythm
I see today with a newsprint fray
my night is colored headache grey

“Daysleeper” by rem

Michael Moore probably has all these songs in his collection.

“Watching TV” is by Roger Waters (Pink Floyd) and is off the “Amused to Death” album.


I can’t believe you forgot the star of the 1980s…Lobo! :shock:

written by Lobo

I come to your land a stranger
You made me feel at home
You open up your arms and gave me warmth
I never felt alone

You won my heart forever
With your gentle friendly ways
So with love I send to you my friends
This song from far away

With love to you Taiwan from one
Who always will be thankful to you
Music’s what I live and it’s all that I can give
With love to you Taiwan

The beauty of your island is more than you can see
You stood up for what was right you had to be free
Good friends are forever that’s how it’s always been
Words reach out with quiet doubts but music makes us friends