Which superzoom is best?

Which one would you choose?

  • Canon SX210
  • CanonSX30
  • Other

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So, for my uncle’s digital camera, I’m trying to make up my mind between these two:

momoshop.com.tw/goods/GoodsD … rpCategory

momoshop.com.tw/goods/GoodsD … rpCategory

The Canon SX210 has a superzoom of 12X, while the SX 30 is the top of the line with 35X. Of course, the first one is slim and elegant, while the other one is bulkier, but performancewise, they look the same to me.

Any comments? Any users?

I’d go for the slim one, coz zoom is really not THAT important in the ordinary use of cameras , more importantly, you could get much better models if you don’t mind the bulk. But again, Craig is the authority.

I don’t really know too much about cameras of that sort but a 35x zoom sounds like serious overkill. To keep it price competitive there would need to be some sacrifices made elsewhere in the camera.

Thanks for the comments. They echo my own feelings about this. He wanst super zoom as what he pictures most are birdies and nature, not family activities or events.

Well, bulky is not good back home as it would be too evident. That is why I am a bit concerned about the SX30.

Getting him a pro -like the D550 or 600 is really tempting, but it is way too high an investment. And lenses would be really hard to come by and outrageously expensive in our neck of the woods, not to mention too much of a thief temptation.

Same with pancake versions.

I agre with CF that 35X seems too much. Panasonic, that practically invented the super zoom, has 24X tops. My old one’s updated version is 12X I think.