Which Visa should I apply for?


I apologize in advance for such a long post… But any help would be greatly appreciated.

I plan to come to Taiwan as soon as possible, primarily to improve my Chinese. I have been taking Mandarin lessons for about 4 months in UK, but I really need to learn it faster, and the idea of living in Taiwan, being surrounded by the language sounds like an amazing prospect for me.

Anyway… I’ve done some research but I’m still not 100% sure which Visa I should apply for. I would like to stay for a year, and I am 22 years old, so the Youth Mobility Scheme seems good for me.

I would work from home for a UK company, so I would not need to find work in Taiwan. But I would also be self learning, through home study, language exchange and through just living in the country… So I would not officially be a ‘student’ either. (Does this mean I am not eligible for work nor student visa?)

For the Youth Mobility Scheme, it says I require a health certificate in my Visa application, that i should send BEFORE going to Taiwan. (“The health examination certificate should include: (1). Serological Test for HIV Antibody; (2). Chest X-Ray for Tuberculosis; (3). Serological Test for Syphilis; (4). Proof of positive measles and rubella antibody titers or measles and rubella vaccination certificates.")
I read in another post that someone had this health exam AFTER arriving in Taiwan, and it cost them around 1500NTD, (£30). However in UK I have been quoted 18200NTD (£366), :noway: and this is without the blood tests… So Ideally I would like to have this health check done in Taiwan, however for Youth Mobility Scheme it says I require it before arriving in Taiwan (If I plan to stay longer than 90 days). Do you know if I can apply for Youth Mobility Scheme after arriving in Taiwan? (I can enter Taiwan without a Visa for up to 90 days)

I’m a bit lost as to where I should go from here regarding Visas and entry to Taiwan.
Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! And I apologise if this is completely the wrong place to ask…

Youth Mobility Scheme information: http://www.roc-taiwan.org/uk/ct.asp?xItem=232492&CtNode=11274&mp=132&xp1=

I think you should be fine. When you go to the hospital in Taiwan, just tell them that your health check is for “ARC” this means “Alien Resident Certificate.” You can find the list of approved hospitals here:

cdc.gov.tw/english/info.aspx … 8972235072

All you need to do is show up during their open hours (arrive a few minutes early to fill out the paperwork). You’ll need two photos; the hospital I go to in Taipei has a photo booth that costs $150 NT. Best case scenario, you’ll be in and out of there in 45 mins.

When you’re done, you need one week to get the results. Once you’ve got them in hand (assuming you’re approved) pass them along to Youth Mobility Scheme. Since they request all of the same tests foreign teachers get, you’re fine doing a foreign teacher health check. I’ve been doing it every year since 2010.

Since your arrival Visa allows you a 90-day stay, you should have your results back with plenty of time to spare. So yeah, just do it in Taiwan. You can save money. Your 90 day visitor Visa will allow you entry into the country, so you needn’t worry about that. Furthermore, the program Youth Mobility Scheme should provide you with Visa sponsorship beyond that point (I would assume this is the reason why they are requesting a health check from you in the first place).

Good luck :slight_smile:

Ahh thank you so much!! This is really helpful, I appreciate it! :bow: So I’ll enter on my Visa-exempt and then apply for Youth Mobility Scheme once I’m there! :thumbsup:

Hi Tidus, you have to apply for the YMS Visa before hand, you can’t get it once you’re in Taiwan.
I just posted some more information about the application and rules on the below thread, which may answer some of your questions :slight_smile:


[quote=“scarlino”]Hi Tidus, you have to apply for the YMS Visa before hand, you can’t get it once you’re in Taiwan.
I just posted some more information about the application and rules on the below thread, which may answer some of your questions :slight_smile:


Hey! Thanks for your reply, I read all in the info but still have a question about the Medical Certificate. I PM’d you about it! I need the medical certificate in my YMS application before arriving in Taiwan. However in UK it seems to cost a huge amount of money, £400, where it is only £30 in Taiwan. How did you go about getting a medical certificate?