Which Visa

I’m coming to Taiwan as of 15 May. Based on everyone’s suggestions, I will arrive and spend a few weeks looking for a job. I was told to get a visitors visa. As I looked at the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office (US) website, I found three possibilities. Which should I choose?

The first option was a visa exemption. Being from the US with a valid passport, I can come to Taiwan for 14 days without a visa. However, I doubt that is long enough.

The second is a visitor’s visa:

quote[quote] "Foreign nationals, who hold ordinary passports or other travel documents and who intend to stay in the ROC for less than six months for the purpose of transit, sightseeing, visiting relatives, tourism, attending a training course, receiving medical treatment or engaging in business or other activities, may apply for visitor visas." [/quote]

Do I say I’m coming to look for a job? I could say “sightseeing.” One of the requirments is “4. Other documents verifying the purpose of visit.” What would I use for that?

The third options is a Landing Visas:

quote[quote] Visitors from the United States and 22 other countries are eligible to apply for 30-day landing visas upon arrival in Taiwan. [/quote]

This would mean I’d have to leave the country everything 30 days, right?

So, which do I choose? Please feel free to refer me to some other topic/thread that answers these questions. Thanks.


Don’t use the landing visa, it’s not extendable.
See the similar threads somewhere here in this forum.

Apply for a visitor visa at the overseas office. If you apply for 14 days only that’s all you will get, so if the max. time is 6 month say you want to stay 6 month.
Don’t mention job or employment anywhere on the form!