Which water filter system?

I know this is probably not the right forum, but technically speaking it is about technology, and the members here seems to be quite knowledgeable.
I want to buy a water filter system for my house to have clean drinking water from the tap. The myriad of systems in B&Q is confusing to me, and my lack of reading Chinese doesn’t help. Searching for info online has limited success, it seems manufacturers have different models and specs than can be found here locally. So now, I turn to you…
Anyone has experience about this, and any recommendations?

I have been using the Everpure S-104 system for about 1.5 years. So far so good. I asked around and everyone says that this unit is sufficient to straight from.They say the fancier filters may be necessary for fringe areas outside of Taipei, and elsewhere as the water there may contain more sediments.

Recently ordered from the the pcstore link above to have it installed at my gf’s mom place.

The 3M Filtrete seems up to the task for me, though our water is pretty clean (sediment/mineral free) here. Takes the chlorine taste out and easy to maintain as, like the Everpure, it only has one (or two) cartridges to replace once a year or so. The reverse osmosis systems have more filter cores to swap out and a holding tank for filtered water (they’re slower), and the Panasonic systems are all quite pricey, plus I find they make the water taste very flat. When choosing, it might help to know/guess how clean the water coming out of your tap is as it varies by your location, age of your building, your apartment’s plumbing, and the state of your building’s rooftop reservoir. If it’s sketchy, it might be a good idea to get a system with more filtration stages.

I installed an Everpure H-1200 and will never miss the faucet mounted systems. I think Everpure systems are worth the higher price vs. competitor systems.

Do these take out heavy metals (Lead, Mercury)? I hear those are the main issues with long term tap water consumption in Taiwan, not sediments/other visibles.

residential.everpure.com/en-US/p … ev9282-00/

That one looks like it doesn’t do Mercury. I can’t imagine heavy metals would be a big problem in Taipei, however, as the water comes from the Shimen and Feicui reservoirs in the mountains, above and away from the contaminated industrial areas. Kaohsiung and the western plain cities would be a different matter.

Brita’s Maxtras apparently do the trick

I’d also like to hear some feedback on this as I live near Kaohsiung and am in the market for a filter, so long as it does the trick. I’m not sure about science but every couple months I have to unscrew the mini-filter on my kitchen tap and rinse it…there’s enough crap in it to lower my water pressure. If there’s something hardcore out there I might get it, otherwise I’m not taking any risks.

If it’s just clean little rocks that’s not a big deal. It probably actually makes your water cleaner by filtering it a bit.

But if it’s sludge or anything slimy that’s not good for you haha