Which way is easier from Taipei to Shannon?

Hello guys, I am planning to visit my dutch friend in Ennis, Ireland,
but I am confused which way should I buy the flight tickets Taipei to Shannon? Also any suggestion of airlines or boat ?

I want the cheapest way don’t mind wasting time.


many thanks!

The cheapest flights available online (in English) are about NT$35-40,000. A travel agent here in Taiwan can probably get you a better deal.

On the other hand, tickets from London to Ireland are extremely cheap, so the best way might be to buy a ticket on Singapore Airlines, Royal Brunei or Cathay Pacific from Taipei to London, then an Easyjet flight across to Shannon airport. In any case, ask a travel agent.

Good luck!

EVA online is quoting NT$30,000 return to London - bumps to NT$36,000 with taxes etc. Catahy are about NT$58,000 for the same

Aer Lingus has fares as low as 5 quid one way, 29 if you fly the weekends - here taxes bump this quiet a bit.

Would be interested to know if you get a better deal through a travel agent.