Which way to get residency is best?

This may not be such an easy question to answer.

I have reviewed the threads unsuccessfully

Anyway at the moment, I have an ARC/residency etc through my company, however I have been in Taiwan since September 1998 ( 183 days in 5 consecutive years and have been working) and I am married to an ROC citizen

Therefore I have three ways to get residency

However which one is the best to use

  1. Company

If I ever change jobs I have to go through the whole ARC application for a different job again and it involves just hassle

  1. Permanant residency

I either can apply for this now or will be able to in 2 months. I should get it I think

  1. Residency through marriage

With the household reg, Clean criminal record ( easy to do and get). Although I hear now that they only give this for a year and after that I need to reapply

I am worried though if I ever choose to use number 2 or 3, then I forfeit the other option in the future. I also may leave Taiwan for a couple of years in about two years and make come back later

Any advice or insight would be great