Which website can find foreign friends in Taiwan?

Who can tell me which website can find foreign friends in Taiwan ?
I only know “tealit” ? have other website? if you know ,
please let me know , thank you ! :bravo:

Have you tried Forumosa? We’re friendly! :slight_smile:

says who? :beatnik:

correct me if im wrong, but i don;t think this website has a personals section “men looking for women” “women looking for me” etc etc.I think this website is trictly forums.

The classified section of the site is called Taiwanted, and it has a (nearly empty) personals section. Try here:
forumosafieds.com/search.php?do_ … _search=21

You could try going to a Happy Hour, look for dates and location in the events forum. You will get to meet other people who post here, many of whom are foreign. Its a non-dating event and thus maybe less scary than using a personals column or something similar.

Well, try friends.forumosa.com :wink: It’s the same database as for example HiPersonals etc., so many people there. Actually… I met my girlfriend there, even though we didn’t really plan to get together in the beginning :slight_smile:

The pictures of forumosafriends you see at the bottom of the screen are just models used for stock photography collections. You won’t meet them.

Are you sure? I think I remember seeing one girl there that I at least chatted with - and on her wretch.cc photo album she looked the same as there.

And at least behind every photo there is a viewable profile with more photos… doesn’t look like stock photography to me, more like selected real members. But of course, most of them probably created the profile a year ago and never checked back - so yeah, you probably have very little chance meeting exactly those people :wink: