Whisky A GoGo

Ok, I may be showing my age here, but there was an ad in the newspaper that started getting me all nostalgic, for the new opening of Whisky A GoGo. The ad says “Back Again”. Does anybody here remember the old Whisky A GoGo on Xinhai Road between Fuxing and Jilong Roads before it became Sex a GoGo? Man, those were the good old days. This new place is on Zhongxiao East Road, Section 6, #317, right next to the Kunyang MRT station. Free entrance tonight and tomorrow from 8:00 to 10:00, and they’re open until 3:00. If anybody goes, post here and let us know what it’s like. Especially if you’re an old-timer and can remember what the original was like. (Anyone remember Buffalo Town? U2? Absolut? Rock City?)

Got me first Taiwan shag in a storeroom upstairs from Buffalo Town. Scored my first Taiwan dope there too.

Long time ago now.