White christmas lights in june

where can i find those small white xmas lights in june? i want them for my patio… or other lights i can string up

There is what appears to be a permanent Christmas shop along the Red line of the MRT near Shipai. As I recall, it is on the west side of the track, on the corner of Shipai Rd. and Hsi An St. (the road parallel to the track).

If I can remember, I’ll check next time I go by there to be sure.

There’s another shop called “The Christmas Shop” I believe on Zhongshan N. Rd. Sec. 6, on the right hand side as you’re going up towards Tianmu.

Loads of lights (and I think if I remember rightly that they have long strings of them too) to be found any time of year on …Chang’an st. Near taipei main station. You know where all the buses like Aloha and Hoshinn go from? just round the corner from there. Walk North from taipei station past the bus places on the left hand side of the road. Turn left at starbucks. this is Chang’an. walk down road stayoing on the left hand side. It’;s a big shop that sells fake flowers and fruit and other assorted bits and bobs. If you come to the next junction you’ve gone too far. I’d say the whole walk would take about 10 mins total from taipei main. The fairy lights are on the right hand side of the shop at the front, big selection and I imagine they’ll be reasonably priced.

thanks everyone!